Transparency, Accountability & Governance


Focus on the citizen, Governance for all

In the past, the town was indifferent to many citizens concerns. The result was that many Hudsonites got slow or no response on their queries to Town Hall. A Nicholls administration will be responsive.

For a very small town, our town government is very bureaucratic and formal. The result is that it has become less people oriented. A Nicholls administration will be people oriented.

Deliverables are not clearly laid out nor communicated. The result has been that nothing gets done. There is no accountability for goals and no follow up. A Nicholls administration will be results based.


My commitments to Hudson

  • Scorecard
    • Key measures of performance
    • Monthly
    • Public
  • Timely & Human Responses-friendly face of your town
    • A human being will answer your call
    • Response within 24 hours
    • Department e-mail addresses will be made available




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