Our village and vibrant economy - Leverage our assets

Our Village and Vibrant Economy

Let's leverage our assets


The Cousineau building is an important reminder of the health of Hudson's Commercial core and architectural past.

Hudson has a unique advantage in our region. It has a traditional village core right on the Lake of Two Mountains.

Development review, planning and regulations around business zoning are complex. Prime commercial space goes underused. Single use zoning coupled with severe height restrictions are old fashioned ways to plan town centres.

It's clear we need changes to bring the village back to life.

A Nicholls administration will revitalize the village.

We want it to be easy for businesses to open and find success in Hudson so that the village can be dynamic as it can be. A Nicholls administration will attract innovative developers to build Hudson into the 21st century.

Here is my action plan for our village economy:

  • Streamline Development Review
    • Simplify and clarify.
    • Provide pre-submittal counselling to educate applicants about local requirements.
  • Work with the Local Economic Development agency

    •  Develop a plan for economic success with the CLD.
    • Give the SDC the real tools it needs to attract development capital.


  • Plan for vitality and dynamism.
    • Make visiting the village a pleasant place to shop and live.
    • Give citizens visuals of what the town will look like post-development.
    • Include Innovative Developers in planning with citizens.


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