Our Transport System-Connect to the regional authorities


An advert in the November 2nd ,1972 edition Lake of Two Mountains Gazette for ALL DAY Town Trains

Unlike the advert in 1972, Hudson now only has one train a day. That's the fact. When you look at the kind of service that we used to have as a town...We had 5 train stations in Hudson! The reality is starkly different today. We need to be proactive with the regional transport agencies (RTM &AMT) to find a proper way forward for transport issues in Hudson and improve transit service.

Many find it ridiculous that the regional government, the CMM, is asking us to develop a Transit oriented development (TOD) around our one train. From my background in the planning disciplines, I know that a functional TOD is one that allows people to WALK to transit in under ten minutes and for the transit to be efficient and reliable -otherwise people will simply choose their car. 

TODs also promote active living meaning that they encourage walking through proximity to services. To do that we have to fix the sidewalks and make walking a safe, pleasant and convenient experience for anyone living within a 10 minute walk from the centre of town.

Here's my action plan:

  • Active transportation
    • Develop a priority list of roads to be rebuilt from the bottom up.
    • Ensure that pedestrians, bicycles and cars are considered in road re-builds.
  • Be proactive with the Regional Transit bodies
    • Propose new solutions
    • Bring our case to the RTM, AMT, CMM and MRC (County government)
    • Include transit authorities in future planning of the town 

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