Our Parks and Natural Areas-Connect Greenspaces and People

Our Parks & Natural Areas

Connect greenspaces and people

Hudson has so much potential in terms of parks and natural areas.

The equipment in our parks is aging with the result that our parks look worn. Furthermore, the parks aren't really tailored for different needs. Our elderly need places to relax. Teenagers need safe spaces. Parents with kids need engaging spaces for their children. A Nicholls administration intends to make our parks multi-generational.

Hudson has a wealth of natural areas. These areas are disjointed and not well integrated into the parks system. Our natural areas are neglected and abused. Pine Lake still isn't fixed and is an eyesore to many residents currently. 

Here is my action plan:

  • Connecting Parks and Natural areas
    • Use our natural assets to provide a green network.
    • Ensure programming for all ages.
    • Develop a robust parks plan for improvements.
    • Fix Pine Lake.

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