Our Neighbourhoods - Plan responsibly

Our Neighbourhoods

Let's plan responsibly

I'm committed to planning our town responsibly. The strategic plan was a good start but in the absence of a physical plan to accompany it, many citizens had difficulty in visualizing and judging how the plan would affect the physical layout of the town. Done wrong, zoning changes can jeopardize Hudson's character and make it look like every other place.

Zoning and planning need to reflect the unique character of Hudson's neighbourhoods. 

Housing is another challenge facing our town. No coherent plan on housing has been developed. Our neighbourhoods need to accommodate a mix of housing for different generations.


My plan to address these needs:

A Proper Master Plan for Housing and Zoning
    • Co-Planned with citizens, developers and other stakeholders.
    • A plan that delivers the kind of town that Hudsonites desire.
    • Ready for action: Developed within the first year. 

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