Connecting Greenspaces for a better Hudson

Pine Lake, Sandy Beach, the Viviry river and all the marvellous forests, fields and landscapes of Hudson remind us of how lucky we are to be aging in this place. Hudson is abundant with natural assets. They are part of the character of our town. How will we plan going forward to ensure that they always form a part of our town? I'd like to share some of my experience with you as a landscape architect to walk you through how we can envision Hudson's parks and green spaces. Continue reading

Planning the future together/ Aménager l'avenir ensemble

To build a good town, we need to plan properly When I first left Hudson in 1989 I thought, as many teens do, that our town would never change. As the years passed and I returned to see family and friends I began to see the elements of what make Hudson unique: a small waterfront town with strong social bonds. My teen self was wrong. Hudson did change - it changed in ways many of us wouldn't have imagined 30 years ago. What will Hudson look like in the next 30-50 years? The strategic plan was a good start to thinking about these issues and the concept of a town where the arts meet nature is a good one. However, for a clearer picture of where Hudson should go - a true master plan is required. We need a plan of the physical layout of the town and we need transparency on how we will accommodate growth that will sustain Hudson. A Nicholls administration will get us there. Continue reading

Municipal Governance (Part 3 of 3)

Though I love going door to door in my town to gauge our present and future needs, the work of governance and the work of campaigning are two entirely different things. In federal politics, our mainstream media usually focuses on the horse race. Leader vs. leader vs. leader. This distorts our collective vision of politics and public service.  Continue reading

Municipal Governance: A diverse skillset required

The day that Jack Layton’s office called me at home asking if I would be interested in taking the portfolio of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities as Olivia Chow’s shadow, I suddenly felt like the past decade and a half had lead up to this moment. I accepted without hesitation, excited to take on this new role. Continue reading

Municipal Governance: Leading or Managing? (Part 1 of 3)

As mayor, my intent will be to lead - not merely manage, our town. I am the candidate with the necessary skill-set from my years of experience in public leadership.  Behind the ideology of managerialism is the belief that governments can be run like for-profit businesses and citizens treated like customers/shareholders. However, there are fundamental and important differences in the way for-profit businesses and governments are run. Managerial concepts from the private sector do not transfer well to the public sector. Private managers create private (economic) value whereas public managers create public (social) value. Continue reading

A solid financial foundation for Hudson

I spent the last week speaking with Hudsonites and listening to their concerns. This week I shared my ideas about the state of Hudson’s finances. For some this is a main priority, for others less so. One woman stopped her car to talk while Amanda and I were canvassing and dismissed taxation as an issue for her. She put infrastructure and water at the top of her priorities. Most said they wanted to move forward into the future and not look back – I thoroughly agree. Blaming and pointing fingers gets us nowhere. Continue reading

Working Together

A proud Hudsonite who left us far too early, here in a 1966 HHS photo. Six years ago I was suddenly stricken by grief. Jack Layton had passed away. I sat in shock. Jack had delivered a message to us in the weeks before his death: work together. It had been Jack's message during the election campaign and Jack held true to his message. If our communities were to grow stronger, we must dream together and work together. The lessons I learned in those days were incredibly important and I carry them with me.    Continue reading

Empowering citizens--A civic democracy

I spent the weekend going door to door, speaking with citizens about Hudson. One of the subjects that came up was the idea of civic behaviour. I had a good discussion about it and outlined some of my ideas. There are solutions to Hudson's seeming impasse. So I will recount what I said to a couple I know well who live on Main Road. Continue reading

Priorities for Hudson

Hudson is a great town. Now it needs leadership and action to make it shine. My priorities are simple: fix basic infrastructure (roads, sidewalks, water) and get taxes and spending under control.   Continue reading