Financial direction- Get it under control

Financial direction

Lets get it under control

The first question we need to ask: What do we need in revenue to provide adequate services? 

This will be the guiding question in a Nicholls administration. All too often governments approach budgeting with the question of how do we spend all this revenue? I will move away from this practice of the past and implement a transparent and responsible budgeting process that aims to reign in taxes and spending.

Let's look at the reality:

  • Taxes have risen at 3X the rate of inflation since 2013.
  • On a per capita basis we are doing much worse that neighbouring towns when it comes to taxation.
  • The town administration spending is out of line.

My action plan will aim to

  • Reign in expenses
    • Identify areas of low hanging fruit for potential cuts. e.g General Administration, Procurement policy in Parks and Rec.
    • Partner with Regional Associations/MRC/CLD and Federal Government for assistance/support in targeted areas.
  • Lower taxes by 2% over a four year period
    • Transform pre-budgeting process by taking adequate time (at least 3 months) to evaluate what the actual operating costs of the town are.
    • When evaluation rolls increase, the mil rate should be adjusted downward to reflect the change in revenues.


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