Culture- Make it grow


We are so fortunate to have such great cultural programming. Above is a picture of Lawrence Hill at the 2017 edition of Greenwood's Storyfest. 

Culture-Make it grow

Culture is an important part of our town's economy. Countrywide, culture is 8% of GDP and acts an economic driver in minority language communities. Hudson, by virtue of being a primarily anglophone town in Quebec, is an official language minority community (OLMC).

Hudson's cultural endeavours are one of the great successes of the town. However, the town administration is not the ideal organizer of the cultural economy. Furthermore, cultural funding shouldn't be politicized or at the mercy of political whim. The cultural sector needs support for the town to remain a viable economy. We have a special cultural context that needs to be capitalized on.

A Nicholls administration understands the importance of culture to small communities like ours. We will ensure that Hudson's built heritage and vibrant arts scene get the recognition they deserve.

Here is my action plan:

  • Set up an arts council structured as a not-for-profit that deals with culture
    • Works with CACVS (the regional arts council)
    • Continues to develop the cultural policy/strategy
    • Completely independent within 3 years
  • Include cultural players in town planning 
  • Capitalize on Hudson's OLMC status
    • Exploit every federal program dedicated to OLMC funding


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